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Trent Lavalais

Fashion Designer with over 30 years in the business…

I am a Houstonian with Louisiana blood in me from both sides of the family. I grew up on the southeast side of Houston, Third Ward and Southpark. I love clothes, coming up in the 70's a pair of Chuck Tailers, a Roland shirt (from Wolf's), and a pair of faded blue jeans was the attire; Polo for those with family who could afford it.  As the 80's kicked in new friends, so did my love for clothes and hanging around with cliques. I began wearing Bally's, Gucci, Versace and other brands I loved. Fashion wasn't always my passion, football was; however due to my conditions, and family arrangements, I was not able to persue football.

In 2005, I decided to enter Houston Community College's Fashion Design School. I was a real lover of the Versace line. It was something about the Versace head logo, and the way Versace used it with their clothing. With all the trials and tribulations I've been through, I wanted to leave something positive and beautiful for this world, maybe through clothing. Since womens clothing dominates the fashion industry, I wanted a unisex line and logo that the world would embrace. A brand that stands for something. I have always thought of myself as an "out the box" thinker. Player Hater Maker, P.H.M. for short, my "alter ego", or positive character, that I can go to too, and rely on to get me through the obstacles, of not stopping my endeavors, no matter what my situation in life may be.

Each and every one of us should already have P.H.M in us. When wearing the logo brand, I wanted each individual to feel as if they're wearing their badge of achievements and accomplishments on them, elevating themselves to a higher level of self esteem.

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My Brand

P.H.M. represents a person who exudes a positive attitude, has self confidence, possesses high self-esteem, is socially concious and succesful in thier field of endeavor. A "Player Hater Maker" is a person whom is being hated on by others who are less motivated to achieve their full potential, no matter what their situation in life may be; whether it's the high school honor roll student, or the professional athlete, there is always someone somewhere being hated on by others.

P.H.M. promotes and celebrates people who have/or are currently achieving their goals and making their dreams come true.